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Five Steps for Creating Your First Email 🏞 HubSpot Consulting #HubSpot #HubSpotPartner #GrowWithHubSpot #RevOps #MillerCreekMarketing
Josh HortonJanuary 25, 2022 10:42:05 AM MST2 min read

Five Steps for Creating Your First Email

A quality email contains content that is clear, concise, creative, and compelling.

Email blasts are one of the most effective methods for engaging your customers while serving their needs.

HubSpot provides the tools necessary for crafting a quality email, which are outlined in a five-step process below:


1. Create New Email

  • Log in to your HubSpot account
  • Select Marketing > Email
  • Select Create Email
  • Choose a template, then select images and text fields

    2. Edit Content & Layout
  • Click the Design tab
  • Select Automation > Sequences
  • Update fonts, colors, borders, headings, and/or spacing, as needed
  • To add additional elements, drag and drop them directly from the Content tab (in the left panel) into the email editor

3. Edit Email Settings
  •       Click Settings at the top of the screen to customize how the email will appear to recipients:
    • From name
    • From address
    • Subject line
    • Preview text
    • Internal email name
    • Subscription type
    • Campaign
  • Click advanced settings to edit your email in web format with the following elements:
    • Page title: Appears in the browser title bar and search results
    • Page URL: The desktop view of your email URL (You can also edit the domain using the dropdown menu)

  1. Preview Email
  • Test your email's functionality while previewing how it will appear to recipients:
    • Navigate to Actions > Preview
    • Click Devices and select which device(s) you'd like to preview
    • Click Clients to see how the email would appear to them
    • Click Actions > Send test email to send a test email to yourself and/or others
  1. Schedule & Send Email
  • Click Review & send in the upper-right corner
  • From the Send to dropdown menu, click list(s) or individual contact(s) to prevent them from receiving a particular email
  • To strictly send to engaged contacts, click Don’t send to unengaged contacts, a helpful feature following the completion of multiple campaigns
  • Select a sending option from the right panel, then review the total number of contacts to receive the email
  • Click Send now or Schedule for later, depending on when you'd like the email sent
  • Click Review & send, then review any "warning" that appears (Ex: Font size being too small)

  • If you forgot to include one or more contacts:
    • Click on Marketing and then Email in your HubSpot account
    • Select the email, then click Actions > Send to More
    • Add lists and/or individual contacts
    • When finished, click Send

At Miller Creek Marketing, we want your customers to see you go above and beyond in each area of your business, including small details within an email. Accordingly, your customers will appreciate the quality of your work.


Now, it's time to create your first email!









Josh Horton

Miller Creek Marketing