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Creating Your First HubSpot Workflow 🏞 #HubSpotWorkflows #Objects #EnrollmentTriggers #Actions #MillerCreekMarketing
Josh HortonSeptember 28, 2021 1:25:30 PM MDT1 min read

Creating Your First HubSpot Workflow

The HubSpot Workflows Tool allows you to automate various processes while efficiently maintaining your CRM without being slowed down by mundane, repetitive tasks.

Specifically, the tool can automatically enroll records and take actions on your contacts, companies, deals, quotes, and tickets.


Implementing HubSpot Workflows

First, you'll want to choose the type of workflow that will be used.

Objects are used to make workflows run. For your HubSpot workflow, the following objects are available:


To create your first HubSpot workflow, click the Automation tab located in the top-right area of your dashboard, then select Workflows.

Next, you'll select a workflow type from the two options featured in the left panel of the workflow startup page. Specifically, you have the option of building the workflow from scratch or using a prebuilt template.

Next, you'll set your enrollment triggers, which will automatically enroll records into your workflow in accordance with your desired parameters. You'll have the option of selecting an enrollment trigger template, with predetermined triggers and actions. Regardless, please feel free to add as many enrollment triggers as you'd like and, once completed, click Apply Filter.

Next, you'll want to add actions, which determine the workflow functions for your enrolled records. Examples of actions include assignments, branches, time delays, internal/external communications, and interactions with connected third-party apps. To add actions, click the + icon located below your set enrollment trigger, then select your preferred actions from the right panel.

You've finished creating your first HubSpot workflow, which is ready to run! This HubSpot workflow will handle the various mundane, repetitive tasks in maintaining your CRM, saving you and your team endless hours and energy.


Partnering With Miller Creek Marketing

At Miller Creek Marketing, we're always onboarding new HubSpot users while helping them maximize their portal capabilities. We'd love to help you and your team grow better with HubSpot!








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