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Choosing the Best Proposal Software for Your Business 🏞 #HubSpot #HubSpotPartner #GrowWithHubSpot #RevOps #MillerCreekMarketing
Josh HortonFebruary 24, 2022 8:35:20 AM MST1 min read

Choosing the Best Proposal Software for Your Business

The proposal creation process obviously requires significant time and effort.

Once completed and sent to its intended recipient, the "back-and-forth" communication process begins.

However, proposal software helps automate the aforementioned processes, which become equally efficient and effective. You'll even gain insights into your proposal analytics, including if/when the proposal was viewed by its recipient.

The following three programs bring proposal creation and sharing processes into the 21st century:


1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is largely considered the best proposal software on the market, thanks to its seamless integration into various CRMs. It also contains a wide array of features, including, intelligent collaboration tools, a content library, and custom notifications.

In addition to its proposal capabilities, PandaDoc automates other business processes as well. Specifically, ts contract renewal feature and HR solutions help streamline otherwise time-consuming processes.

PandaDoc costs $19 monthly per user. However, it can also be purchased at $39 monthly per user, with integrations and an expansive content library included.


2. Proposify

Proposify features a customizable interface, allowing you to drag and drop sections into your proposal. Specifically intended for creative firms, you have the freedom and flexibility to design your proposal however you'd like, thanks to its built-in editing tool.

Also, Proposify is known for how well it integrates with Hubspot for maximum effectiveness.

Proposify costs $49 monthly per user, with unlimited proposals available. However, additional features can be added in conjunction with custom pricing.


3. Qwilr

Qwilr allows you to efficiently create web-based proposals, without the need for custom programming. Accordingly, your web-based proposal can include interactive content, such as videos, maps, and interactive dashboards.

Qwilr also tracks and reports which specific section(s) of your proposal is/are being engaged with.

Qwilr costs $75 monthly for the Business plan, and $5,880 annually year for the Enterprise plan.

Once a proposal has been sent, it is imperative to keep the conversation going. Accordingly, the aforementioned proposal platforms provide the insights necessary for ongoing communication.


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