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Jeffrey J. DelwicheAugust 25, 2022 8:48:04 AM MDT2 min read

Automated Business Processes: Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of enhancing your website and/or mobile app in order to increase the following:


  • Percentage of website visitors to take specific action
  • Lead generation frequency
  • Conversion rate


CRO is largely achieved through updates to website segmentation, content, and design. Within each of those components, split testing and workflow improvements are imperative for successful optimization. If properly implemented, CRO will yield qualified leads, increased revenue, and reduced acquisition costs.


In which areas of my website should I implement a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy?

There's not necessarily a 'wrong' area in which to implement conversation rate optimization. However, the following website components should certainly be prioritized within the process: 


  • Homepage: Make a strong first impression while encouraging further navigation
  • Pricing Page: Modify pricing intervals while highlighting product features associated with each
  • Blog Page & Posts: Publish compelling content while converting readers into leads
  • Landing Page(s): Provide preview of offer while encouraging visitors to take a specific action


Your website will greatly benefit from these key areas being optimized for conversation rate. This is largely due to their heavily trafficked nature, as well as their SEO capabilities.


What Conversion Rate Optimization strategies should I implement?

There are various strategies that should be implemented to optimize conversion rate. While some strategies have a specific completion point, others are ongoing. Also, some of the strategy processes are relatively short, while others require some time and effort. However, the CRO strategies are largely equal in importance and, therefore, should all be implemented into your website:


  • Include CTAs within blog posts
  • Feature lead flows on blog page
  • Run frequent tests of landing pages
  • Guide leads in efficiently becoming qualified
  • Build workflows that enable teammates
  • Share compelling messages on high-converting website and landing pages
  • Optimize high-performing blog posts
  • Leverage retargeting strategies to reengage website visitors


Though CRO may seem like a daunting process, it eventually becomes a natural component that gets implemented WHILE creating content. 


How can HubSpot help me conduct Conversation Rate Optimization?

HubSpot features free tools that provide thorough contact insights on prospects and current contacts within your database. Specifically, these tools sync with your live forms in collecting data re: behavior of your website visitors. These tools also pair your contacts with a dashboard displaying which marketing efforts are converting, and which ones aren’t.


In closing, though conversion rate optimization can certainly be a tedious, time-consuming process, it's imperative for remaining competitive and prominent within your industry.


Click here to access HubSpot's free CRO resources.

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Design Credit: Jamie Leung, Creative Director


Jeffrey J. Delwiche

Jeff began his digital content journey in 2013. His primary focuses include website creation/management, social media marketing, and video editing.