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Customer First
Feb 21, 2023 9:49:25 AM1 min read

We Won HubSpot's 2022 'Customer First' Award!



On February 16, 2022, Missoula, MT based agency, FlyWheel Consultancy was announced that they have been named a winner in the ‘Customer First’ category in HubSpot’s 2022 Performance Impact Awards. HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, uses the award to recognize members of its Solutions Partner Program who meet specific criteria that contribute to their growth and the growth of their customers.

FlyWheel Consultancy’s main role in the HubSpot partner community is ensuring businesses on HubSpot maximize their investment with the software, thus driving scalability and growth through Revenue Operations. Within just two years, FlyWheel Consultancy achieved Diamond partner status, and is now rated as NAM’s Top Customer First Partner of 2022. 

Brian Garvey, VP of the Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot said, “FlyWheel Consultancy has had an incredible impact on their customers’ success. The entire HubSpot community congratulates FlyWheel Consultancy and the other Impact Award winners on this exciting achievement.” 

The Performance Impact Awards are given on an annual basis in five areas:

  • Global Partner of the Year
  • Global HEART Award for DEI&B Initiatives
  • Partner of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Customer First

In addition to the yearly awards, HubSpot also gives quarterly awards in four categories: Product Excellence, Platform Excellence, Technical Expertise, and Platform Migration Excellence. All winners are recognized in the Impact Awards Hall of Fame.

“We’re incredibly grateful to be recognized as HubSpot’s 2022 NAM Regional ‘Customer First’ Winner. This award embodies our belief of putting the customer and their HubSpot CRM in the forefront of any engagement, with the sole focus on driving efficiencies and usability for all members of an organization,” said Ronald Berry III, CEO & Founder of FlyWheel Consultancy.

Learn more about the Impact Awards here.


About FlyWheel Consultancy:

FlyWheel Consultancy offers the full suite of HubSpot Sales & Marketing Services for its clients. Founded by everyday HubSpot users, FlyWheel Consultancy prides itself on working alongside clients every step of the way in setting up their CRM.

Our team offers implementation and training for the full scope of HubSpot CRM, with specialization in full-scale implementations, sales & marketing lifecycle development, workflow automation, and plenty more!